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Identification of controls - Motor Cycle

The aim is to familiarise a learner driver with the major visual components of a motor vehicle. The intention is also to assist the learner driver to identify the controls that needs to be used in conjunction to complete a certain manoeuvre or action. The controls/components of a Motor Cycle is as follows.

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1. Gear Lever - used to change/select a gear.

2. Clutch - used when engaging or disengaging a gear or changing from one gear to another.

3. Left and right rear view mirrors - used to look what is on the right & left hand rear-side of your motor bike.

4. Front Brake - used in conjunction with the rear brake to bring the motorbike to a standstill.

5. Throttle - used to regulate the fuel supply to the engine to increase or decrease the speed of your motor bike.

6. Indicator Light switch - used to advise other road users of your intention to steer to the left or right, or to turn to the left or right. (especially when changing lanes)

7. Rear Brake (operated by foot) - used to stop your vehicle used to decrease speed or stop complete standstill.

When braking the distance it takes the driver of a motor cycle to stop is,
(i) longer on a wet road than on a dry road.
(ii) longer if the vehicle is travelling at a higher speed.
(iii) longer if the vehicle is loaded.

8. Handle Bar - used to change the direction of the motor bike. turning left or right or keeping the vehicle on a straight path.

9. Fuel Tank - used to store fuel (petrol)