Free Learners Test | k53 learners licence test - Questions and Answers


Count down signs (blue-yellow-brown)

Where: On the left-hand side of any road.

Purpose: To indicate that there is an exit about 300m, 200m and 100m ahead.


Action: If possible enter the exit at the same speed as the maximum speed for that road.

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Where: Displayed on the left-hand side of any road.

Purpose: To inform you that the road ahead or the road to the left or right ends.


Action: Do not turn in at such a road unless you are going to a destination in the road that ends.

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Where: On any road.

Purpose: To inform you that you have the right of way at the intersection ahead.


Action: Do not slow down unnecessarily, but make sure that other traffic will yield.


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Park and ride

Where: At the entrance to a parking area.

Purpose: To inform you of the existence of a park-and-ride terminus that has a bus or train service.


Action: Stop in this parking area if you want to reach your destination using other transport.


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