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Lanes converge

Where: On any road.

Purpose: To guide drivers by means of a diagram, which indicates that, a curved multi-lane carriageway converges with a straight multi-lane carriageway from the left or right, without a decrease in lanes.


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Arrestor bed

Where: On descents.

Purpose: To indicate that there is an arrestor bed ahead and to indicate the entrance to such an arrestor bed.


Action: Should the brakes of your vehicle fail, drive straight into the arrestor bed.

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Engage lower gear

Where: On the left-hand side of the road.

Purpose: To warn that, because of a steep descent, it is necessary to engage a lower gear.

Action: If you are driving a heavy motor vehicle, engage a lower gear so that the vehicle will move down the descent more slowly.


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Overhead lane use control by regulation

Where: In any lane of any road.

Purpose: To inform you by means of a diagram that the lane below the sign is subject to a compulsory requirement indicated by a 'command' or 'prohibition' regulatory sign.


Action: Do not turn in at such a road unless you are going to a destination in the road that ends.


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