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No person shall use the hooter of a vehicle except when such use is necessary on the grounds of safety.

You may not use a light motor vehicle on a public road unless-

• it is equipped with a warning device (hooter), which is in good working order and,

• when used, capable of emitting a sound, which is clearly audible by a person of normal hearing from a distance of 90 metres.

• Sirens or warning devices that play a tune may not be used in private vehicles.


The driver/rider of a motor vehicle shall give immediate right of way to all emergency vehicles sounding a siren and displaying emergency warning lights.

The following vehicles are regarded as an emergency vehicles-

• a fire-fighting vehicle (red warning light),

• a fire-fighting response vehicle (red warning light),

• a rescue vehicle (red warning light),

• a emergency medical response vehicle (red warning light),

• ambulance (red warning light),

• vehicle driven by a traffic officer in the carrying out of his or her duties (blue warning light),

• a vehicle driven by a person while engaged in civil protection (green warning light).

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Seatbelts are compulsory for children and adults. Persons 3 years of age and younger should be seated in a baby car seat.

If seatbelts are fitted, rear-seat passengers must wear such seatbelts whilst the vehicle is driven.

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No adult shall,

• occupy a seat in any motor vehicle unless such person wears a seatbelt:

• occupy a seat on a row of seats, which is not fitted with a seatbelt, unless all other seats on such row which are fitted with seatbelts, are already occupied.


The driver of a motor vehicle shall ensure that a child seated on a seat,

• where it is available, uses an appropriate child restraint, or

• if no child restraint is available, wears a seatbelt when available.

If a seat, equipped with a seatbelt, is not available, the driver shall ensure that a child shall, if such motor vehicle is equipped with a rear seat, be seated on the rear seat.

It is not compulsory to wear a seatbelt while reversing or moving in or out of a parking bay or area.

The driver of a motor vehicle shall ensure that all persons travelling in such motor vehicle shall wear a seat belt.