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When you stop behind another vehicle leave at least one car length between your front wheel and the back of the vehicle in front.

This will provide some space in case they roll back or if you need to ride around them.

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It is difficult to maintain a crash avoidance space behind you, as another driver or rider controls the space.

If a vehicle behind is travelling too closely, slow down slightly to increase the space you have in front of you.

This will enable you to brake more gradually if you spot a hazard in front, which will enable the following vehicle more time to stop as well.


Slow down if you do not have a clear view of the road ahead. Situations where your vision may be reduced include:

• Blind corners.

• Blocked intersections.

• Hills and Crest

• Poor weather conditions.

Slow down if you cannot see five seconds ahead.

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To calculate five-second vision in a curve, pick a fixed point in the oncoming lane that has just come into view and start a count one thousand and one, one thousand and two... one thousand and five.

If you reach the point before five seconds you are riding too fast for the available vision.