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• Collisions do not occur at a certain time or place.

• Motorcycling can be fun, economical and safe. It may reduce your carbon footprint.

• However, motorcycle riding can also be hazardous.

• Motorcycle riders are less protected than car drivers and have a greater chance of being killed or injured in a crash.

• You can become a safe rider through acquiring the necessary skills and understanding of the road environment, by always being alert and defensive and by accepting that the prime responsibility for your safety on the road is yours.

• Drivers face hazards on a daily basis.

• Our procedures for motorcycle rider are designed to help you become a safe rider, get you confident and teach you the neccesary skills.

Enjoy your riding, but above all, ride to survive.

RULES OF THE ROAD must be obeyed at all times, except in cases where a police officer or traffic officer or a road sign indicates otherwise.

• The rules of the road is a system that will allow road users to reach their destination safely.

• Always use the road according to these rules, to ensure your own safety, as well as that of all other road users.

• The primary rule of the road is: Keep Left, Pass Right

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